Burbank Divorce Lawyers

Posted By Aaron Denton, On August 26, 2020

It’s understandable people choose to get married. Getting married has many advantages. Married couples tend to have much higher incomes. Married couples are also treated more kind in many kinds of tax laws. A married couple also has access to certain benefits not available to single people. Going through life with a partner can be a joy as both members share certain interests. At the same time, getting married is not just a chance to live with another person. A marriage is a legal document. When people think about getting a divorce, the legal documents must be resolved under law. If they are not, any plans for a future marriage cannot legally take place. If the couple has decided to call it quits, it’s best for them to make sure such a momentous decision is done legally. Burbank divorce lawyers can and will ensure all divorces are legally binding on both parties.

The Initial Plan

Over time, it may have become clear the marriage is simply not working out. After a while, both parties may be contemplating divorce. Taking the first steps can be a huge decision. Some couples might have religious objections to a divorce. In that case, a lawyer can arrange for a legal separation that is for both parties but does not constitute a legal divorce. In other instances, it’s really time to get a legal divorce and move on. The lawyer can help anyone sort out what is in their best interest. A party might have hesitated because the timing wasn’t quite right or the kids were still young. The lawyer can help them weight their options and consider how the decision to divorce is going to impact their present day and any plans for the future. That is a good way to think about the first steps required in the divorce process.

A lawyer can also lay out a plan that involves everything that might be related to the divorce. For example, most people will buy a home at some point in time. Many people will buy a house in a certain area because they like the amenities such as good schools and an easy commute. The home may have a lot of accumulated equity or it might have a mortgage greater than the home’s value. All homeowners need to keep timing in during a divorce. Selling at a loss can impact many areas of the lives. Each party can find their credit scores have fallen. That can make it hard to buy another house or even find a good rental. A lawyer can work out any plans for the division of assets from the very first. This way, both parties can walk away pleased with the results once the divorce is done.

As the Process Continues

Anyone who is thinking about a divorce should bear in mind that the process will take at least some time. A young couple who’ve only been married for a year or less will still need to talk to court system and ensure that the marriage contract has been legally broken. For many couples, a marriage is a long standing experience and one that requires them to consider everything from child custody plans to who gets to keep a beloved family pet. The couple may also have a prenuptial agreement in place. These are agreements that spell out what is going to happen if the couple decides to get divorce. Since that time, the couple may have seen their economic interests change. A lawyer can have a close look at this document in order to make sure it is in effect. If the conditions required under California law for it to be valid have not been met, this can also add time to to the divorce process. Anyone who is considering divorce should keep this in mind and avoid making many plans until it’s completed with the help of legal counsel.

Getting it in Place

A divorce, while not optimal, can still solve many problems that couples have had since marrying. If the parties are simply incompatible, the divorce allows each one to walk away and find a more suitable partner. The divorce process also allows people who married quickly to make the decision to move past it. Divorcing also allows people to ensure that assets are fairly divided up under law. The process can also help each member of the party decide how beset to care for their children after they have moved on from the relationship. Making it all work smoothly is imperative. Burbank divorce lawyers can step in and provide the help that people need in the midst of a difficult time in life. They can be a person’s legal representative and help them move to their next life stage.