What Can I Do If He Continues To Abuse Me Through The Legal System?

Posted By User, Uncategorized On July 1, 2018

While some divorces are amicable, far more divorces are anything but nice. Instead, both spouses continue to let their anger get the best of them, and are always trying to make the other person’s life very difficult. If you find yourself on the receiving end of an ex-spouse’s vindictive nature, your life can be filled with stress, worry, and even fear. For those spouses who are abused by their ex-husband through the legal system, there are steps you can take to stop this behavior.
Let Your Lawyer Handle All Communications
If your ex-husband is determined to try every legal trick possible to make your life hard after the divorce, it’s best to let your lawyer handle all future communications. By doing so, you’ll not only alleviate plenty of stress from your daily life, but also let your ex-spouse know you will not hesitate to fight back with your own legal maneuvers if necessary. Since ex-husbands are notorious for trying to use intimidation tactics on their ex-wives, using your attorney as a buffer can send a strong message to your ex-husband to back off, or face the consequences.
Document Everything
If your ex-husband is trying to use legal tricks to punish you for the divorce, always be sure to document everything. In doing so, you will have proof that can be used in court hearings if needed to disprove any allegations he may be making against you. For example, if he is trying to change a custody agreement based on allegations you are not giving the child medication as needed, document each and every time you administer medication to your child. The best way to do this is by pulling out your smartphone to video the procedure, since this will be indisputable proof you are doing exactly as you should for your child. If you do this a few times and then use the evidence in court hearings, the court will start to see a pattern developing, and will likely issue a stern warning to your ex-husband.
Don’t Let Emotions Do Your Thinking for You
As hard as it may be to not let your emotions get the best of you during this difficult time, keeping a clear head can always work in your favor. While it may be tempting to lash out in anger at your ex-spouse by trying to change a custody agreement or seek more in alimony or child support, it’s usually best to keep your emotions in check. In these situations, working closely with an experienced and knowledgeable family law attorney can make the situation more bearable. By having this attorney on your side, you will always know your legal rights are being protected, no matter what your ex-husband may try to do through the legal system.
Know Your Ex-Spouse’s Finances
When you were married to your spouse, it’s likely you knew all the details of your family finances. When you get divorced, it’s important to still have a good idea of your ex-husband’s finances. By being armed with this knowledge, you’ll have some very effective ammunition to use in court hearings. For example, your ex-husband may be claiming he cannot make the current alimony or child support payments due to a lack of income or assets. However, if you have detailed information that can be presented to a judge, the court may order an investigation of his current financial status. If this happens, you may find that he suddenly has the money needed to make those payments after all.
Hire a Private Investigator
If you feel it may be necessary, and if your lawyer agrees with you, don’t hesitate to hire a private investigator in an attempt to stop your ex-husband’s continued abuse of you through the legal system. For example, if you suspect he may be hiding assets to get out of paying child support, a private investigator can use specialized databases and other investigative tools to find out details you would be unable to discover on your own. This can be especially useful if your ex-husband owns a business, since he will likely try to lie about the company’s income and other assets. By obtaining this information and then letting your attorney inform your ex-spouse of their findings, chances are your life may suddenly become quite settled.
Change Custody Agreements
If children are involved, and you feel your spouse is showing unstable tendencies in regards to harassing you and your children, consider working with your family law attorney to change current custody agreements. For example, if you both have joint custody, it may be in the best interests of the child to seek sole custody. Or if you believe your ex-spouse may take out their anger on the child or even abduct them to get back at you, seek supervised visitations or perhaps even ask the court to revoke their parental rights altogether. While these steps may seem drastic, they may be necessary to keep your child safe, and to also put a stop to an endless stream of petty legal tactics on the part of your ex-husband.
Consult with an Attorney
If you are being abused by your ex-spouse through the legal system, schedule a consultation with a family law attorney as soon as possible. Rather than go it alone and live with fear and worry each day, let a skilled attorney ensure your legal rights are protected every step of the way.