Can I dispute the revised settlement agreement papers?

Posted By User, Uncategorized On October 4, 2017

Every divorce is different. You have some couples who get married for all the wrong reasons and just hope things will work, but they know in the back of their minds a divorce might occur somewhere down the road. You have couples who get married thinking it will be a happily ever after situation and their partner cheats. They’re devastated and don’t know what to do. You have some partners who want to leave their spouse even though their spouse is madly in love and wants to stay married. Some people are relieved when divorce is the final decision, and others are devastated this is where their marriage is headed.
Every divorce is different, but all divorcing couples go through the same standard procedures when they file their papers and respond. One thing every couple goes through when they divorce is a settlement. You must decide who gets the house, how the money is divided, how retirement accounts are separated, and how the rest of your assets and debts are handled in the divorce. This means you’re going to spend ample time discussing these factors, and you might not like precisely how things are being divided.
Once the revised settlement is presented, you might still be unhappy with things and want to make changes. The divorce might be finalized by this point, but you do have the right to dispute a revised settlement. Whether the court decides to allow your dispute is a different story, but you have the right to make the dispute known.
How do I dispute the revised settlement?
You must first file a motion with the court. You can do this on your own or ask your attorney to do it for you. Once the settlement has been revised and the changes have been made, the divorce is finalized. All you get to do at this point is provide evidence that the settlement must be changed based on lies, fraud, or other misrepresentation.
For example, if you’re not happy with how much of the marital assets you’re given in the divorce and you can prove your spouse lied about some accounts he has hidden away elsewhere with more money in them, you can provide that information to the court. The court reviews this information, what you’re asking for, and the proof there were lies and misrepresentations.
It’s up to the court to decide if your appeal is worthwhile, and they will then call a hearing you’ll both be required to attend. What happens next is up to the court and the personal situation in which you find yourself. You might find the settlement is revised based on the good evidence you provide. You might also find it’s not, and that’s something you must be okay with when the session is over.
Hire an Attorney
The easiest way to handle a revised settlement dispute is with an attorney on your team. An attorney knows how to file the proper paperwork, what works, and what doesn’t. They can help you figure out where to find the evidence you need to prove you deserve to have the settlement revised yet again. Hire an attorney to help you with this and to work within the confines of the law, and you might find you have a better chance at getting what you want.