Can I file for temporary support without an attorney?

Posted By User, Uncategorized On October 3, 2017

When a marriage ends, many people find themselves in a tight spot financially. One spouse might make more than the other at work. One might be a stay-at-home parent raising the kids and caring for things at home. It’s not uncommon for one spouse to be the breadwinner in a family, and that can complicate the situation when a divorce is imminent. If you choose to leave your spouse when you are not the person who makes the money or enough of the money to fully support yourself or your kids in the transition period, you may request financial support from your spouse while going through the divorce process.
When you file for your divorce, you’ll see there are numerous forms to fill out and many of them ask about support. When you’re filing on your own without the assistance of an attorney who is experienced in the divorce process, you must know how to request financial support through the divorce process. There are many aspects to this, and you must know how to handle each step accordingly.
Find the Right Paperwork
The divorce paperwork asks for very specific information you must fill out entirely and honestly. This is going to ask about the kids, your living situation, and even your financial situation. It’s going to ask you to fill out what you might want to do about your assets and your child support wishes, and it helps the court understand what you’re asking for and what they must notify your spouse about when they send him the divorce notice.
What you must also fill out and submit to the court is a financial affidavit form. This form asks very personal questions about your financial situation, and it allows you to tell the court what you want. Perhaps you are a stay-at-home mom who was once a CEO at a company before having kids. Now you must go back to work to support your family, but you need some time to update your resume, take a few classes to renew your licenses and so on.
This form is going to provide you a chance to explain this, what you need, how much you need, and to prove how much you spend to handle your household and manage your family. The court will then take a look at the form and decide if what you’re asking for is in line with what you make, what your spouse makes, and what you need to survive in the transitional period. The court then issues your spouse a notice detailing what he or she must pay you to help with this during the transition. It’s not as easy to handle on your own, but it’s possible.
Call an Attorney
You certainly don’t need an attorney to file for divorce and ask for temporary support while you transition back into caring for yourself, but you should consider the benefits. An attorney knows what forms are required, how to expedite the process, and how to ensure you’re able to get the financial support you need to care for your family. An attorney can help you in your time of need, and this includes finding the financial support you need to care for your family when it’s falling apart.