Can I sell personal items to help pay for getting a divorce?

Posted By Max Soni, Uncategorized On July 12, 2017

Divorce and separation are never pretty. Even when a couple makes a personal decision to separate and ultimately divorce on good terms, it’s not a pretty situation. It’s the end of a marriage. It’s the division of an entire life lived together. It tends to be a bit easier on couples who might not have a long marriage behind him, especially if they’ve acquired very little together. On the other hand, couples married for many years have acquired almost everything they own together, and there might be a problem deciding who gets what.
There are always couples who want to give everything to one spouse for the simple sake of providing for the kids or just to get out of the marriage without any reminders. There are also always the couples who cannot seem to agree on anything want to fight over everything. The belongings of the couple must be handled before a divorce is finalized, but what happens when one or both parties need to sell a few of their personal belongings to help pay for their divorce? Is it legal? Can they do that?
Personal Property
When a couple makes a decision to divorce, their personal items become moveable objects.
– Appliances
– Electronics
– Furniture
– Artwork
These are all considered moveable objects that can be taken from a home and moved elsewhere. There is a difference, however, when the item is considered personal property. Moveable items are not personal, but clothes, shoes, jewelry, even office furniture used for the sole purpose of one spouse’s work are all considered personal. Now that you know the difference, it’s time to discuss selling your belongings to pay for a divorce.
What Can I Sell?
You can sell anything that belongs to you. This means you can sell your clothes and shoes to pay for your divorce. There are no legal consequences for selling these items. However, there is no way you can remove a moveable item from a home to sell without permission from your other spouse.
For example, if you cannot afford to pay for your half of the divorce as agreed, you cannot sell the living room furniture without asking your spouse for permission to do so. If he or she agrees to let you do this to come up with the cash to pay for your divorce, you can do it. If you do it without permission, you could face legal issues.
If you both agree, you can sell anything you want to pay for anything. There is no stipulation what can and cannot be sold when there is agreement from both parties. It’s always best in any situation to get a signature from both parties prior to selling anything. If a fight occurs and your spouse wants to cause you any issues, he or she could state they never gave you permission to sell the items in the house to pay for your divorce. Do yourself a favor and get the required signatures.
If you do not remove your personal items from your home when you move out prior to your divorce, you should do so immediately. You don’t want your spouse to sell your own personal items while you’re not present, but you can arrange for a police officer to come with you to the home and gather your belongings if the relationship is a contentious one.
You have the power to end your marriage if it’s no longer working for you despite the desires of your spouse. If he or she still wants to be married to you, you are not required to stay in the marriage, but here are rules regarding what you both can and cannot do with your belongings.