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July 16, 2020

Keeping Your Divorce Off of the Front Page

The general public has the tendency to want front row seats anytime a celebrity couple gets divorced. All of a sudden, you are in the news just because you’ve made the choice to take your life down a different road from your spouse. Everyone wants to be in your personal business, wanting to know why things didn’t work out and who will “win” the divorce. These extenuating circumstances can make it tough to keep private and personal parts of your life undisclosed.

As a celebrity or high-net-worth individual, are you seeking to dissolve your marriage?  If this is you, then you are going to have to invest in a highly qualified and reputable San Bernardino celebrity divorce attorney. Your choice of legal counsel can be the key to bringing the process of getting divorced into a more manageable state. The right attorney frequently deals with complex divorce cases, including marriage dissolution cases for high-net-worth and widely public persons. Your attorney’s aims should be to safeguard your privacy and to achieve the results you desire.

Nailing Down Property Ownership Rights in a Celebrity divorce

California is a no-fault divorce jurisdiction. In simpler terms, you can dissolve your marriage in the state of California without blaming anyone for the demise of your union. What it also signifies is that factors such as infidelity won’t be involved in determining how property is shared out in the divorce. Each spouse retains a legal entitlement to half of all the community property. The term “community property” refers to any marital property.

When you bring an end to your marriage, there are two categories of property you will need to take into account: separate property and community property. Community property is any property that is jointly owned by you and your spouse. Generally, this encompasses property, assets, and income that were all acquired by either spouse after you were lawfully wedded. Separate property is all property that you, and you alone own. This generally tends to include property that you already held individually before you got married. It could also include any assets that you took legal steps to own singularly apart from your spouse.

Celebrities normally tend to be in possession of an impressive wealth of assets and property. Because of this, it’s paramount that a complete and thorough assessment of all property and liabilities that are held by both spouses, separately and collectively, be carried out. Identifying the ways in which property is categorized (community or separate) is necessary. Sharing out the property in a celebrity divorce will depend greatly on these early classifications. Due to the fact that each spouse has an equal share to community property, disputes customarily arise on the topic of how specific assets are categorized.

The Great Importance of Assessing the Value of Assets and Liabilities

Step one in a marriage dissolution of this ilk is identifying all the assets (and debts) owned by you and the other spouse. The step just after that is assigning a pecuniary value on each individual asset and liability. Celebrities usually are the holders of complex portfolios filled with assets that can be hard to assign values to. These can include:

  • Residential real estate
  • Commercial real estate
  • Investments
  • Product lines
  • Royalties
  • Intellectual property
  • Ownership interests in businesses and/or partnerships
  • Income from endorsements and appearances
  • Patents
  • Retirement plans and benefits
  • Stock options, and more.

The best attorney for a case such as this will have beneficial relationships with the highly respected financial experts and assessors in San Bernardino. Your attorney should work in tandem with these professionals to make certain that all of your property is valued properly.

What is the importance of assessing the value of each piece of your property in your celebrity divorce? This is critical, since you and your spouse are both entitled to half of all the items that would be classified as community property. Some of these assets will, by their nature, be difficult to split up between you. Still, there are some assets that you might not be willing to part with in the divorce. So you can hold on to those assets, you will have to either:

  1. Agree to take over some debts and liabilities of equal value in exchange, or
  2. Agree to grant your spouse possession of some other assets of equal value in exchange.

Knowing for certain which assets are on the table for negotiation and how much each asset and each liability is valued at will make this process a great deal more manageable.

Child Custody and Support Issues in Celebrity divorce Cases

When parents make the decision to part ways, their children will be stranded in the middle of the break. This is true for everyday couples as much as it is celebrity families. Nonetheless, the majority of couples are not subjected to the pressure to discuss child custody and child support issues with the public looking on. There will be a great deal of  pressure to form a child custody arrangement that puts the best interests of your children as the top priority. Keep in mind that your divorce cannot be finalized until you’ve worked out all the details of the legal matters involving your little ones.

Celebrity custody brawls can be difficult. This can often be true if one or both parents travel frequently for their jobs. Where would it be optimal for the children to live? Should they be subjected to frequent travel throughout their childhood, or are they better off remaining in a single location? How much time will each of the parents be allotted for parenting their children? How much in child support payments do celebrity kids require? These questions and more will need to be answered by celebrity parents during the course of a divorce proceeding. Usually, custody arrangements are designed to serve a child’s best interests. Quite often, this entails a ruling of joint custody and keeping children in frequent and consistent contact with both of their parents.

Your attorney will have to work to figure out the custody arrangement that you think is the best and find a way to put it into action. It’s so important to bear in mind that you might have to make a few changes to your way of life if you want to be instrumental in your kids’ lives as much as possible. Custody is a situation that requires give and take.  This might make it necessary for you to take on assignments that keep you closer to home or agreeing to travel under certain circumstances along with your child’s other parent after the divorce. It is crucial that you keep in mind that your aim, your social or financial status notwithstanding, should always be your child’s well-being, health, and happiness.

Keeping the Story of a Celebrity divorce Out of Public Hands

divorce is a deeply personal situation. You will suddenly find yourself in the surreal situation of combing through the most personal details of your life and finding common ground with a person with whom you most likely are not on the same page anymore. The last thing either of you needs is for the particulars of your private life to be out in the public. Your attorney has to be committed to steering you through the process of divorce with a great deal of discretion. There are several tools and techniques that your lawyer can employ to let you iron out the particulars of your divorce in private.

The Mediation Process

In cases where you and your spouse are actually on somewhat amicable terms, mediation could be an excellent option. The mediation process entails the assistance of a neutral intermediator, who is referred to as a mediator. The mediator would not make any choices for you.  What they do is assist you in working toward solutions. 

This is how it works: You each sit down with the mediator and talk about what you wish to end up with at the end of the process. Your mediator will work with you, both separately and together, to get through the big-picture matters and move toward mutually-agreeable decisions.

All of the discussions in mediation are privileged. If the mediation process is a success, then the mediator can execute a contract that reflects the terms to which you have mutually agreed. From the time you sign, you are bound to the terms of that contract.

The Arbitration Process

Basically, arbitration is a small, private court trial. How it works is that you and your spouse, with your attorneys, argue the case before a neutral third-party who is referred to as an arbitrator. Unlike in mediation, the arbitrator does indeed have the power to come to unilateral decisions about your future. The arbitrator will hear both your arguments, look through the evidence, and hear any relevant testimony. When you are done stating your case, the arbitrator will hand down final decisions about the terms of your dissolution.

Akin to the mediation, the negotiations and outcomes in an arbitration proceeding are private. When the process is concluded, similarly to the conclusion of mediation, you and your spouse both sign a private contract that binds you to its terms.

The Collaborative divorce Process

In collaborative divorce, you and your spouse have the opportunity to negotiate the terms of your divorce outside of a courtroom. Each of you will be represented by an attorney and you both have to agree to remain committed to the collaborative process. What this means is that you are not allowed to quit the collaborative divorce part of the way through to carry your grievances to court. In the event that this process unravels, you’ll be forced to bring in new lawyers and start all over again from the start.

During this proceeding, you, your spouse, and your attorneys will sit down together and work to arrive at mutually-agreeable resolutions to the terms of the dissolution. Your lawyers take the lead in negotiations by bringing evidence, making claims, and even bringing in witness testimony, when required. The end goal is to hash out the details of your divorce privately without requiring you to appear in court.

Again, all the negotiations within collaborative divorce are privileged.

Sealed Court Records

When you choose to settle your divorce in private, it’s critical to request that the court seal any documents that will be able to reflect your negotiations or outcomes. Your attorney needs to work vigilantly to make certain that all the various aspects of your divorce matter are protected from public exposure.



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