Cerritos prenuptial agreement lawyers

Posted By Aaron Denton, Uncategorized On August 25, 2020

Getting married is an incredibly happy decision. People think about being married to someone they love and they think about the long and wonderful future in front of them. When marriage is a wonderful opportunity share life’s most intimate moments with someone important, marriage is also a serious issue. A marriage is not only an emotional partnership. It’s also a legal one. Married couples enjoy many legal benefits not available to single people. At the same time, getting married often means sharing one’s finances. People today are marrying later than ever before. Many people come to a marriage with issues pertaining to finances. For example, one party may have already completed college and has student loans that must be legally paid back. Another party might have significant assets such as investments in securities and stocks. These are assets that need to be protected no matter what happens to the couple in the future.

The Prenuptial Agreement

Fortunately for all brides and grooms, there is a way to ensure their assets are protected. Recognizing that each member of the marriage has specific legal interests, law makers have developed what is known as a prenuptial agreement. This is legal agreement designed to protect each member of the couple. If something should go wrong with the marriage, the prenup spells out what is going to happen to the couple’s assets. This agreement has many advantages. All those who are getting married in California should understand certain things about this document. That means knowing what can be included in the terms of the document. It also means knowing how to ensure the document is a legal one that can hold up in court should the couple divorce. A lawyer can provide such information and ensure that the prenuptial agreement is in full force once the parties get to the altar.

The prenuptial agreement allows the parties to the marriage to lay out their finances before they get married. One party can see the other has a certain amount of money in a retirement savings account. The other can see just how much their groom has in equity in a house and how much profit they’re earning from their small business right now. That ensures that both parties know what’s going on before they make the decision to become a joint couple. When both parties know the financial picture they’re going to face jointly, that facilities communication. The bride and groom need not worry that the other party is hiding something from them. They also get the chance to see how the other party manages money before they get married.

These types of insights can help couples realize how the other person deals with everything from handling credit to making a grocery budget. Couples can also have a discussion about what they might have done in the past. This can also help couples decide how they’re going to handle any money related issues as a couple. One party might agree to assume responsibility for any market related issues and long term financial growth. The other member of the couple might agree to be the party responsible making decisions about weekly budgeting such as how much money to spend on groceries. Opening up doors to each other’s thoughts on money management allows each party to get a say in how their fiscal matters are worked out. That is a great way for each couple to realize their voices will be heard on important issues once they are married.

In Place

California state laws state that a prenuptial agreement must meet certain criteria if it is to be valid. The agreement must be signed in writing both parties. Each party must have enough time to have a legal expert look at it for them. The agreement cannot be a verbal one. Any agreement is only for financial matters. One party cannot specify that the other party to the marriage agrees to lose a certain amount of weight or retain a certain hair style. These are conditions that should be worked out before the start of the marriage. They are also conditions that can be enforced under California state laws if the parties later decide to get divorced.

Working with a lawyer before getting married can help ensure this process is done smoothly. A lawyer can help offer the kind of assistance that will ensure the agreement is exactly as each party wants it. The lawyer can also help by making sure the document is detailed and offers a solution that is acceptable to each party. The lawyer can also work closely with each party to have a conversation about financial matters and the implications for each party once the parties get married. Getting a marriage on the right note is a great start.