San Bernardino Child Move Aways and Relocation Attorneys

Posted By admin, On July 18, 2020

Seeking Permission to Relocate with a Child Under a Custody Arrangement

When one parent asks the court’s permission to move the child(ren) to a new residence, and that move is distant enough that it would have an impact on the other parents’ custody or visitation time, this is what is known as a “move-away” case. Regardless of what the actual location and how far away it is, if the move has an impact on the present custody arrangements, then the moving parent will have to petition the court for new custody and visitation orders. Due to the potential outcomes of approving or denying a move-away petition, the court will need to consider a host of factors prior to handing down a verdict.

Whether you are the one who wants to relocate your kid to another city or state, or you are the parent who is opposing the intended relocation of your child or children, it would behoove you to get in touch with a seasoned, knowledgeable San Bernardino move-away attorney as quickly as you can to ensure all necessary issues are taken into account, and to bring you the best possible result for your case.

What the Court Takes Into Consideration During a Child Relocation Hearing

Primarily, in a relocation case, the court will think about the potential impact the relocation will have on the lives of the child or children. Their financial stability and their health are among, but not limited to, the numerous factors taken into consideration. Very frequently, the court will bring in the support of a child custody evaluator to evaluate what custody arrangements are in the best interest of the child(ren).

You should have an attorney on your team who has a great track record of success in Parental Relocation & Move-away situations.