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Posted By Aaron Denton, On August 26, 2020

Divorce is common. While about half to two-thirds of all marriages will work out in the long term, that still leaves millions of partnerships that are better off dissolved. The kind of divorce can range greatly. A simple divorce may only require a fast parting as the couples do not have assets or much in common. A long standing marriage may involve many factors including custody arrangements and even the need to sell a house. Whatever type of divorce, it must be done legally. People can’t simply agree to move on. This is particularly true if one party wants to get married again. When thinking about a divorce, it’s best to have professionals on your side every step of the way. Los Angeles divorce lawyers offer many important services for their clients. Working with them offers many benefits that every single couple can use to their advantage before as the divorce continues.

Help With This Process

When thinking about a divorce, it is imperative to bear in mind a marriage is not just about two people loving each other. Marriage is also very much a legal document. Like any other kind of contract, when people dissolve this contract, there may be all sorts of personal and professional consequences. This is where skilled counsel can step up to the plate. Legal professionals understand that divorce laws are wide ranging and include many areas. They know how to help any client navigate a difficult and complicated process. Working with a divorce lawyer is a chance to make sure that the voices of all parties are heard. Lawyers offer advice that takes into account the needs of each individual client. They’ll develop a plan that allows each client to ensure their personal interests are kept in mind no matter what might happen.

For example, many people in California may choose to have a prenuptial agreement before they get married. The prenup is a legally binding document that both parties must follow in the event of a divorce. At the same time, in order for the prenup to be legal, it must adhere to certain specifications. The agreement needs to be in written and notarized. It also needs to be agreed to by both parties. If these conditions are not met, the terms of the agreement cannot be carried out once the parties decide to divorce. In many instances, financial matters may have changed since the parties married. A good divorce lawyer can exam this document and determine how it will affect any possible fiscal settlement. They can also ensure it’s legality or decide to challenge the terms of the agreement if one party wants that done.

Other Issues

A marriage of short duration can be dissolved quickly. The lawyer can draw up the paperwork and allow both parties to move on. That will ensure that any ensuing plans either party might have to remarry are done legally. It will also ensure that each party to the marriage understands the exact timeline of the marriage and when it is no longer in place.

For some people, getting a divorce can be extremely complicated. This is particularly true when there are children involved. Child custody arrangements can take a great deal of time to get in place. One party or more parties to the divorce may want to vie for primary custody. One parent may make a lot of money for a career that began while the other stayed home and watched the children. The spouse who cared for the children can legally ask for all kinds of help from the other party. There may also be issues related to the children such as adoption that have prior legal agreements in place. These need to be upheld legally. A lawyer can explain any issues related to childcare. They can also help people if they wish to consider another kind of childcare arrangement as the divorce continues or once it is completed.

Making it Work

All those who are planning a divorce should bear in mind it can take time. Even a relatively fast divorce can means months of waiting before it’s in effect. The lawyer can be on hand in the meantime to assist them with this process. They can offer advice ranging from how to ensure that all paperwork is filled out properly to providing help with determining the value of any assets accumulated during the marriage. Lawyers can also lay the framework for any future interactions with a former partner. If the parties to the divorce are not parting amicably, they can ensure that all legal protections are in place to keep someone safe if domestic violence is an issue. That kind of help is essential for all those planning a divorce in the Los Angeles area.