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Follow This Advice Before You Divorce

August 5, 2021 Uncategorized

Divorce is typically an emotionally draining experience. It’s critical to think clearly at a moment when your entire life has been turned upside down. The more you don’t know about divorce, the more stressful it might be. To have a more positive divorce experience, we recommend reading this article, which contains valuable tips about surviving divorce.

When it comes to asset and debt division, spousal support, child support, and child custody, it’s critical to understand your rights and responsibilities under California law. You don’t have to feel powerless when getting a divorce.  Keep reading.  We want to help you get ready for what lies ahead on your path.

Prepare for a fight

We at Spodek Law Group promote the idea of a collaborative, amicable divorce, but we also believe that clients should be prepared for a fight. It doesn’t mean you have to be enraged and bitter, or that you have to hate your spouse — it just means you have to be “ready” for fight. To put it another way, don’t let your guard down. Allowing yourself to be exploited is not a good idea. If you’re feeling bad about the divorce, don’t say “yes” to everything your husband asks. Keep your wits about you, but don’t put up your barriers.

Before filing, seek legal advice.

You may have just had a tremendous fight with your spouse and are now rushing to the courthouse to file for divorce; please don’t. Do yourself a favor and consult with a divorce lawyer from our office before filing for divorce. We can discuss our fees, answer your questions, and give you the sound guidance you need right away during your initial appointment.

We provide free consultations, so you won’t have to pay anything to get the help you need. We also recommend meeting with your accountant to discuss the tax implications of your divorce as well as any other concerns you may have with your retirement funds, stocks, or other investments.

Take into account the timing of your divorce.

It’s important to think about the time when getting a divorce. If you’re due a bonus or a raise, you should apply for divorce as soon as possible since the money you earn becomes distinct property once you file for divorce. If your husband, on the other hand, is expecting a large bonus or raise, you may wish to postpone the divorce filing.

Have you been in a long-term relationship, say, for over ten years? This is something to think about if you’re approaching the 10-year mark. Indeed, in the Golden State, a long-term marriage is defined as one that lasts ten years or more.

If you’ve been married for more than ten years, it’s probably best to wait until your next anniversary. After the divorce, waiting until your tenth anniversary can assist you get greater Social Security benefits based on your spouse’s earnings record. If you’re the lower-earning spouse, you can be eligible for spousal support for a longer length of time. However, if you do decide to divorce, file first. There are benefits to filing for divorce ahead of your husband.

Make yourself irreplaceable.

Make oneself indispensable before filing for divorce. How? By ensuring that your name appears on all utilities, bank accounts, investments, deeds of trust, and other accounts that require shared signatures. You won’t be in any danger, and your spouse won’t be able to move money or drain accounts without your signature.

On top of all of that, make sure you have access to all of your financial data. Make copies of all of your financial records before they “disappear” once your divorce is finalized. Tax returns, bank statements, mortgage documents, credit card bills, auto loans, life insurance policies, W-2 forms, loan agreements, and other documents fall under this category.

Track down all of your assets if you have any. It’s critical that you know where each and every dime is. Bank accounts, real estate, investments, life insurance policies, stocks, bonds, and jewelry are examples of such assets.

When filing for divorce, you and your spouse must reveal all of your assets and obligations; nevertheless, it is not uncommon for one spouse to be dishonest or uncooperative. Because California is a community property state, you are entitled to half of all marital income and assets. Make sure you know what you’re entitled to.

Defend Your Credit Score

It’s critical to safeguard your credit after a divorce. Do not sign anything for your spouse as a co-signer. Remove your spouse from any shared credit cards you may have, pay them off, or close them. If at all feasible, you wish to cut all financial relationships. Also, be aware that regardless of what the divorce decree states, if any joint accounts survive the divorce for any reason and your husband agrees to pay off a debt, you are still legally liable for the debt.

Your credit may be ruined if your spouse fails to pay a joint debt after the divorce. After the divorce, keep track of any joint accounts and make sure they’re paid. The best strategy, of course, is to close all joint accounts before the divorce is finalized.

So, what should you do with your cash? Don’t empty your bank accounts. Separate the money instead. You can take half of the money in your accounts to live off of.  You certainly don’t want your husband or wife to beat you to the money and take it all.

If you’re ready to file for divorce, contact the caring, seasoned California family law attorneys at Spodek Law Group.  Our lawyers understand that the end of a marriage is a difficult and emotional experience.  We will set you up with your confidential, free consultation so you can understand all your options and make sound decisions.  



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