How do I get prepared for court if I represent myself?

Posted By Max Soni, Uncategorized On October 4, 2017

You probably never imagined yourself getting a divorce when you got married. You were in love, you were happy, and this was the person you were spending the rest of your life with through thick and thin. Things change for some couples. Sometimes partners cheat. Sometimes kids change the dynamic and one partner can’t handle it. Sometimes you grow apart and no longer wish to remain a couple, but you do wish to end your marriage without any hard feelings or negativity. Whatever your reason for wanting to get divorced, you are free to do so if you please. However, you must decide how you want to do things.
Do you want to discuss divorce with your spouse? Do you want to file the paperwork and allow them to find out when they’re served by a process server? Does your spouse disagree and want to stay married, which only forces you to go through with the process on your own while they find any way possible to contest this? Whatever happens, you must also decide whether you want to hire an attorney or if you want to represent yourself in court. The decision is yours, but it’s one you must figure out on your own.
Representing Yourself
It’s cheaper, but it’s more difficult. If you want to represent yourself in a divorce, it’s up to you to gather all the necessary information. You must have your bank statements, your financial records, all your proof of things that your spouse has been accused of, and anything else that pertains to your case. If you have kids, it makes things more difficult.
If your spouse makes the decision to contest, it means you have more paperwork to file, court hearings to attend, and you must spend more time figuring out how to represent yourself. It’s not impossible, but it’s not always easy if your partner is not being amicable about this situation.
The best situation is the one in which you are able to represent yourself in an amicable situation. When you and your partner both agree on things in your divorce, it makes the situation much easier. This helps you decide how to handle the kids, the finances, and everything else. If you’re already coming up with a plan together, there is no need to hire attorneys to help you through the simple process of asking a judge to finalize the paperwork.
When to Call an Attorney
When the situation is bad and your spouse is contesting everything, you cannot agree on things, and even if your spouse hires an attorney, it’s better to hire one of your own. There is no reason to represent yourself when your spouse is coming after you. There is also no reason to represent yourself if you have a business or even considerable assets. Let an attorney help you.
You’re going to find it’s much easier to handle your divorce with an attorney when you have more to lose. Call an attorney with experience to help you through this process, but know it’s not required if you have no desire to do so. You can do it yourself, but the preparation can be difficult when there are issues in the divorce process.