Glendale Prenup Agreement Lawyers

Posted By Aaron Denton, Uncategorized On August 25, 2020

California is home to some of the wealthiest people in the country, including movie producers, actors and musicians, and a who’s who list of celebrities. The state also has millions of average, ordinary people just trying to get by. If you’re getting married in the state, consider signing a prenuptial agreement first, regardless of which category you fit into. Far too many people assume only rich and famous people need prenups, but that is false. Any couple exchanging vows benefits their relationship when they sign a prenup first. Interested to learn more about the benefits of signing a prenup and why it’s not as bad as ‘they’ say?

What is a Prenuptial Agreement?

A prenuptial agreement is an agreement signed by both individuals before they enter into a marriage union. This agreement protects each person’s assets as they enter into the marriage. The state of California sets laws and regulations for prenuptial agreements. Individuals may not dissolve spousal support or child support. Other stipulations also apply.

The prenup agreement becomes important only in the event the marriage ends. Couples hope they never reach that point in their marriage, but it is a realistic possibility for any couple. At that time, the prenup agreement protects each person’s assets and the money and materials they brought into a relationship.

Research shows that 41 percent of first-time marriages end in divorce. The stats for second and third marriages are somewhat better, but the risk is still high. This information isn’t intended to bring you down, but instead bring awareness to the risks and the importance of signing this prenup agreement.

If the marriage ends without a prenuptial agreement in place, all of the things you’ve worked hard for could be swept from under the rug during the divorce settlement. You could also face an excruciating court process to dissolve the marriage. A prenup agreement eliminates these potential risks and worries.

Do You Not Trust Me?

This question is the most asked question between couples when the mention of a prenuptial agreement is made. Couples can learn the pros and cons of a prenuptial agreement together and learn that it’s not about trust or a lack thereof. It is about what if’s in life. We always plan to honor our vows “til death do us part,” but life sometimes has other plans, and relationships end well before this time. Statistics regarding divorce prove this is true. Feelings and hearts change, people grow apart, and divorce is sometimes inevitable. A prenuptial agreement covers the what if’s in life that we never plan for, but should.

Keep Conflict to a Minimum

Since prenup agreements minimize conflict during and after a divorce, a more amicable divorce happens when couples sign prenups at the beginning of the marriage. It is important to minimize conflict during a divorce, especially when you’d like to remain friends or when that is necessary due to children, business endeavors, or other matters. Harboring feelings due to a bad divorce only causes anger to erupt at the worst times, in the worst of styles.

Easier Divorce Proceedings

Divorce battles often take months on end to resolve, with plenty of arguments and headaches between this time. A prenuptial agreement minimizes potential disputes so the court process is smooth and simple, just the way that it should be. Not only can a prenuptial agreement reduce the time it takes to finalize the divorce, but also the back and forth during the divorce. The result is a faster, smoother divorce process for everyone involved.

Getting Even

When marriages end abruptly and one party is hurt, angry, scorned or feels they were done wrong, getting even or getting payback may become their primary goal in the divorce. Sometimes such people become vindcive and do verhting possible to hurt the other person. They may try to estroy the things that you’ve worked hard for, take family heirlooms and keepsakes, or otherwise case as much pain as possible. You can leave any kind of worry this will happen when a prenuptial agreement is in place at the start of the nmarriage.