San Bernardino International Child Custody Attorney

Posted By admin, On July 18, 2020

International Child Custody Cases

In circumstances where child custody decisions need to be made and the one or both parents are in foreign countries, the situation can become exceedingly complex. Therefore, it is important that you seek the advice of a child custody attorney that has experience dealing with custody matters on an international level.

Your San Bernardino international child custody lawyer should possess the requisite experience addressing and resolving these complex types of cases on the basis of the numerous laws and pacts between the United States and foreign nations. We have had experience representing both domestic and international clients to do battle for your parental custody rights and to help establish safe custody and support for minor children in California as well as in whatever part of the world you or the other parent resides.

The right attorney should be able to call upon such resources as experienced, consulting financial experts, child custody evaluators, and multi-national practices experts. Your states side lawyer can also be retained by a foreign law firm to secure and confirm for their foreign clients in California and the United States whatever the custody and child support rights are as documented in foreign court orders.