Lakewood divorce lawyers

Posted By Aaron Denton, On August 26, 2020
Lakewood divorce lawyers

A divorce is a legal procedure. Like any other legal procedure, a divorce has a timeline and ramifications once completed. While some aspects of the legal system can be familiar such as how to respond to a parking ticket, the same cannot be said of this process for most people. These are just some of the reasons why it is a good idea to have Lakewood divorce lawyers on your side. The lawyers can do many things before, during and after the divorce. They can speak with your partner and their lawyers on your behalf. They can also represent your interests when it comes to issues such as child custody plans and the way in which the finances are divided. This can ensure that both parties to the divorce are happy with the outcome. A good divorce that helps all involved can be just as useful and important as a good marriage.

What is Going to Happen

While every single divorce is different all divorces follow a general plan. The person seeking the divorce needs to file a divorce petition. This can be done on your own or it can be done with the help of Lakewood divorce lawyers. The petition must meet certain requirements in order to be valid. For example, a divorce petition must be written by one of the parties and delivered to the other party. The party filing the divorce is known as the petitioner. This petition must be filed in a state court. It must be done in the county where one of the parties lives right now. The petition does not need to be filed in the place where the parties were residing when they originally married.

The petition also needs to include certain information in order to be valid. It will provide details such as the parties to the divorce as well as information about the kind of joint assets and the child custody arrangements that are desired. This is a very important document. As such, it needs careful examination. Incorrect information on the petition can cause all sorts of problems. This can delay the divorce and make it harder for both parties to move on. It can also result in the petition not being granted because the information is not correct. Anyone who is planning a divorce should have a lawyer examine the petition before submitting it. That will make sure all of the details are correct and both parties are satisfied with the date they are presenting to the courts.

Serving a Divorce Petition

Once the petition is filled out properly, the petition must be given to the other party in the marriage. This can present all kinds of issues. The other party to the divorce needs to agree to the terms in the petition. In many instances, both parties are in full agreement before the process starts. That means the creation of the petition is a mere formality that has been agreed on in advance. All the other party has to do is sign and then the process can be completed. However, there may be occasions where the parties do not agree with each other. There can also be issues with finding the other party. A spouse may have moved to another place without leaving a forwarding address. A lawyer can provide solutions to such issues and help the party seeking a divorce ensure they can file the petition and get on with the process as a whole.

If the divorce petition is filed correctly, this begins the process of counting down that is often necessary to complete the divorce. The couple may be required to show they have lived apart for a certain period of time. Both parties must indicate this to be true in order to for the divorce to be valid. During this time, there are certain restrictions that must be observed by both parties. Both spouses may be asked to stay in a given location for a certain period of time. Each spouse may also be asked to refrain from selling certain properly or making specific arrangements related to their children such as enrolling in particular school.

Finalizing the Divorce

Once these conditions are met, it is possible for the divorce to go through. However, all people should keep in mind the divorce may be contested. If one party does not agree to the terms of the divorce, it can greatly complicate matters for the other party. Both parties are not allowed to get married again during this time. A contested divorce can also hold up the distribution of marital assets. These are just some of the reasons why hiring highly skilled Lakewood divorce lawyers can offer the help people need. They’ll be there on your side at all times.

Is there anything like a hardship divorce if you have no money?

As anyone who has been through the process or is currently facing one can attest to, divorce can be incredibly expensive. In many cases, you potentially end up paying upwards of several thousand dollars in attorney and legal fees. Unfortunately, many people simply don’t have this kind of money, which leaves some struggling to find a way to pay these fees so that they can finally end their marriage. If this sounds like you, it’s important to know that you do have options. You shouldn’t have to stay stuck in a toxic situation simply because you can’t afford the divorce fees, which is why anyone struggling to pay for their divorce needs to know the following facts.

The Court May Waive Your Fees or Force Your Spouse to Pay
Although most states don’t technically offer a hardship divorce, they do still offer other ways for you to cut down or completely eliminate the associated legal fees. Instead of hiring a queens county divorce lawyer, you can simply go down to the local court clerk’s office to obtain all necessary forms and documents. This can include a form to petition the court to waive the required legal fees or to require that your spouse pay all the fees. Either way, you’ll generally be required to provide evidence of your financial situation to prove that you can’t afford the fees.

You Can Represent Yourself
If your spouse doesn’t contest the divorce, it may be as simple as filing the requisite forms and then waiting for a judge to issue the final divorce decree. In cases where both spouses can agree on division of assets/debts and custody, there is usually no need to hire an attorney as you can easily represent yourself. Should you decide to do so, you’ll want to make sure to ask the court clerk for the ‘pro se’ divorce package, which should include everything you need to represent yourself during the divorce proceedings.

Not All Divorce Attorneys Are Expensive
A contested divorce is always far more complicated than if the divorce is uncontested. If you find yourself facing the prospect of a long custody battle or mediation, it is essential that you seek the help of an attorney. However, if you can’t afford a divorce attorney, many legal firms offer low-cost or pro-bono services for people who need to get out of their marriage quickly but can’t afford the legal fees.
A quick online search or call to your local bar association should allow you to find at least a few such services in your area. You’ll usually need to plead your case and prove your financial situation in order to convince them to take on your case, but it will be well worth it if it allows you to get the legal help you so desperately need.

You May Be Able to Sell Off Your Assets to Pay for the Divorce
Although the laws are different in every state, some jurisdictions allow you to sell off some of your marital property or assets in order to pay for the divorce. This can be useful in situations where a husband controls the finances and thus the wife has no access to money to hire a divorce attorney. In such a case, you could consider selling off your wedding ring or other marital property in order to pay the required attorney fees.
However, not all states allow this and you could be forced to pay back any marital funds you spent on legal fees. Therefore, it is essential that you speak with an attorney before taking this step. Luckily, many lawyers offer free consultations to allow you to ask about this and other pertinent questions without having to pay any fees.

As you can see, there are a number of ways to go about getting a divorce on the cheap or entirely for free. This means that there is no reason that you have to stay in an unhappy situation simply because of your finances. By taking the following steps, you can finally start getting on with your new life without having to risk your financial future.