Long Beach Child Protective Services Lawyers

Posted By admin, On September 15, 2020

Battling CPS/DCFS in Long Beach

Are you a parent that the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) or Child Protective Services (CPS) has accused of conduct that places a child at risk of abuse or neglect? Battling DCFS to get your children back out of foster care is a fight too many parents lose in California. The system in Long Beach is far too overwhelmed to give families the time and attention that they require in these matters. The details that parents need to save their families is not frequently communicated to them in a clear and useful manner. In the meantime, their children are shuffled from foster home to foster home and the social workers cannot give individual cases enough attention due to high caseloads and all other kinds of excuses. The emotional duress and frustration can drive parents mad!

The DCFS never voluntarily admits that they have made an error or a poor decision for a child. Akin to the police, DCFS protects its own at all costs. This agency holds too much power that is frequently abused. When the correct procedures are adhered to, DCFS can have your child removed from your home on the basis of lies, half-truths, and gross misrepresentations that are taken from social worker’s reports and given to the judge. 

It is critical that you have a strategy.  Work with a Long Beach child protective services lawyer who understands the function and powers of a social worker.  The foster care system can be insipidly repetitive. Before you can start your battle CPS, you must be very well informed on the process.

How CPS Locates Your Family

Every year, Long Beach DCFS receives thousands of referrals for child abuse and neglect on their abuse hotline. These referrals come in from teachers, police officers, therapists, neighbors (some of whom are just being vengeful), and all other sorts of informants. Once a referral comes in, a social worker is sent out to investigate and determine if abuse or neglect has taken place. On the basis of the findings of their investigation, you might end up in court.

It is important to speak to the social worker with respect and dispel their concerns. If you are rude or uncooperative, you can be sure that they will file a case against you in court. The wise thing to do is to consult with a Long Beach child protective services lawyer to learn what your rights are. The first social worker that comes into contact with you is referred to as an emergency response worker (ER) worker. Do not be fooled by an ER social worker with a charming disposition. Everything that you say to this investigator will be used against you in the report and, subsequently, in court.

Sometimes closing an investigation is as simple as taking a drug test to confirm the allegation that you abuse drugs is not true. If you are clean and the social worker wants you to take a drug test it is very smart to do that. Do not let your pride interfere. If you are using drugs, best to call a Long Beach child protective services lawyer. Even if you have a medical marijuana license, still call a DCFS attorney.

The CPS Investigation Before a Court Filing

In the process of investigating a referral, a social worker comes to interview you, your children, and any neighbors, friends, police officers, teachers, or other relevant parties to figure out if abuse or neglect is truly taking place. Again, it is important that you treat social workers with courtesy. Once you land in court, the chances are high that you will lose all control over your family. Beware of any social workers.  These personnel are trained to catch people in lies.

After they make all their inquiries, the social worker will either close the referral, offer you an informal contract or safety plan to avoid filing allegations in court or, in a worst case scenario, they will file with the court against you. The two former actions are obviously more desirable. If the social worker opts to file formal allegations against you, they will compile all of the statements they got from witnesses and your children into a social worker’s report. Although the report consists mostly of hearsay, it is entered into evidence and can be considered by the judge. Therefore, anything you and others say will be used against you. The initial court report that is generated by the social worker is known as the Detention Report.

The social worker’s reports are frequently the most difficult words for parents to hear because they contain fragments of statements and misrepresentation written by the social worker that is intent on proving their allegations true. Such reports are heavily relied upon by the court. When DCFS files a court case against you, their intention is to prove their allegations true.

Services and Parenting Classes

An optimal solution to every dependency case is that a parent goes to classes or gets services to repair whatever took place to land them in court. Some of the available services include parenting class, 52 week domestic violence group for perpetrators, substance abuse courses, and individual therapy. Parents sometimes get frustrated.  These classes can be as annoying as traffic school. However, it is a wise choice to accept whatever services that DCFS offers you. In the course of the ER worker’s initial investigation, your participation in services or courses could be the deciding factor in your child’s fate.

In the event that DCFS files a case against you in court, it is a smart move to immediately enroll in services. The dependency court system has time frames in which you have the opportunity to reunify with your child. The sooner the classes or services are completed, the more likely you are to reunify. Be aware that enrolling in such services, is not akin to admitting that you have done anything wrong. That will almost never be used against you in court. 

Your Long Beach Child Protective Services Lawyers can help you make smart decisions and get you the best results possible.