Long Beach International Child Custody Attorney

Posted By admin, On July 23, 2020

Cases Involving International Child Custody

In the event that child custody choices need to be made in a situation where one or both of the parents reside outside the United States, the intricacies of the case can become rather overwhelming. This is why it would behoove you to get some advice from a child custody attorney that can demonstrate expertise in handling custody cases on an international level.

The Long Beach international child custody attorney you work with needs to have the necessary experience tackling and successfully settling these types of complex cases.  International child custody cases will, by design, encompass a multitude of legal statutes and treaties between the United States and the foreging countries involved. We have a proven track record in this area, having represented both domestic and international clients to assert parental custody rights.  We will do the best possible job establishing proper custody and support for children in California as well as any part of the world you or the other parent resides in.

The best attorney for this task needs to be able to marshal such resources as child custody evaluators, seasoned consulting financial experts, and expert multi-national practice law firms. The attorney here in the States could also be retained by a foreign firm to get confirmation and enforce for their foreign clients in California and the United States the indoctrinated custody and child support rights that are dictated by in foreign court orders.