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Posted By admin, On September 21, 2020

Seeking a Judge’s Permission Relocate with a Child Under a Custody Arrangement

Sometimes, a parent requests the permission of the court to relocate a child or children to a new city or state.  At times, that move is to a place far enough that it can create a change or reduction in the other parents’ custody or visitation time.  This scenario is referred to as a “move-away” case. Where the intended relocation is exactly and how far away it is notwithstanding, if the move has an impact on the custody arrangements that are presently in place, then the moving parent is obligated to petition the court for new custody and visitation orders to be drawn up. Because of the possible outcomes upon approval or denial of a move-away petition, the court is required to consider a selection of factors prior to handing down a decision on the request.

Whether you are the one who is requesting the relocation of your minor child to a different city or state, or you are the one who is affected by the intended relocation of your child or children, it would behoove you to enlist a seasoned, knowledgeable Long Beach relocation lawyer as quickly as you are able to make certain all necessary details are taken into account, and to bring you the best possible result for your case.

What the Court Takes Into Account During a Child Relocation Hearing

Largely, in a relocation matter, the court will think about the potential impact the relocation might have on the lives of the child or children in question. Any alterations to their financial security and their health are among, but not limited to, the multitude of factors considered. The court might call upon the expertise of a child custody evaluator to come in and help work out what custody arrangements are in the best interest of the child(ren).

You will need to have legal counsel on your side who has an excellent track record of success in Parental Relocation & Move-away situations.