Why am I a matrimonial, family law lawyer and divorce mediator?

Posted By User, Uncategorized On January 4, 2018

Clients often ask us what motivates us to practice family law. It’s a great question. When you’re looking for an advocate, knowing what motivates your attorney to practice their craft is a great way to learn more about the person that might be working for you.

Helping without judgment

We enjoy practicing family law because it gives us the opportunity to help others without judgment. When you have a family law legal need, it can seem like everyone has an opinion. If they haven’t been through the family law system themselves or even if they have, they might have plenty of judgment for you and your situation. You need an advocate that helps you without passing judgment.
We’ve helped our clients through hundreds of family law cases. We know that you didn’t create your situation. One of the reasons that we enjoy practicing family law is because we’re able to provide our clients with an advocate that understands and helps without judgment. To us, representing our clients with compassion and understanding is critical to providing competent service. We’re happy to be there when our clients need somewhere to turn.

Helping clients create tomorrows

Practicing family law helps our clients find solutions. Success in family court is critical to your physical, emotional, social and financial well being. Family law matters because our family relationships are what matter to us the most. The right family court actions can help you establish or protect your relationship with your child. In some cases, family law is critical for helping you protect your children’s safety and their best interests.
We enjoy practicing family law because we know what’s on the line. It’s a privilege to help our clients through one of the most important and consequential proceedings of their lives. Often, helping our clients achieve success requires creative thinking. We spend time learning about our clients and their goals. That’s critical to helping us effectively strategize for success.
Each day, we wake up and we do work that matters. For each of our clients, their experience in family court will follow them throughout their lives. That’s why we practice family law. Each day, we know that we’re making a difference that counts.

Helping clients achieve results in the best way possible

Our goal in practicing matrimonial law is not just to help our clients succeed. Instead, we want them to succeed in the best way possible. If there’s a way to make the litigation faster or easier, we want our client to pursue that route. We don’t just advocate for our clients, we help them understand the law. Our clients get more satisfaction from their experience in the legal system when they know how the law applies to their case. We enjoy teaching our clients the law and helping them develop the best possible path to achieving their goals.

Working as a skilled practitioner

Effectively helping clients requires being a skilled practitioner of the law. For people who enjoy reading, writing and speaking, practicing family law allows us to use these skills in our profession. We take pride in knowing the rules of civil procedure. The rules of civil procedure help our clients build a case that’s admissible in court and that’s likely to win their case. We must also thoroughly know the rules of evidence. The rules of evidence allow us to present our client’s case in court.
As matrimonial and family lawyers, we take pride in our legal advocacy skills. Our clients depend on us to know the rules inside and out. They rely on us to make effective arguments. When we’re able to carefully prepare a client’s case and advocate for them to reach the desired outcome, we’re thrilled for our clients.
Practicing family law is hard work. However, we celebrate each victory with our clients. We’re proud that we’re highly skilled in New York family law. It’s a privilege to use that skill to help our clients achieve the results that help them move forward.
In family law, no two days are alike. We might spend one day arguing enthusiastically for our client’s position in court. The next day we might interview witnesses. After that, we might spend time drafting a motion and brief. Our work is interesting, and we genuinely enjoy it. No two clients are the same. We enjoy working on each case. Each client needs and deserves our best effort to help us get the appropriate result under New York law.

Let’s work together

If you need family law help, please contact us. We’d like to meet you and get to know you. We’ll explain how New York law applies to your case and what avenues may be available to you to reach your litigation goals. We know that family law is stressful. Let us handle the stress for you and work together to help you resolve your legal matter in a positive way.