How much will it cost to file for divorce?

Posted By Max Soni, Uncategorized On July 13, 2017

Filing for divorce is a sad moment in any marriage, whether it’s an amicable decision to file or one that comes as a surprise to one partner. Divorce is never the end goal for any couple, but it’s often the result of a marriage that simply doesn’t work. When one or both parties makes the decision to file, there are a myriad of questions they both want to ask. They want to know if there is any way to salvage their marriage, who gets the kids, how long the process takes, and what they’ll pay to file for divorce. The financial aspect is one of the most asked questions regarding divorce.
How Much Does Divorce Cost?
There’s no simple answer to this question. There is no right or wrong fee for a divorce, and it’s all dependent on several factors. Each county in each state imposes a set of fees for divorce filings for specific divorce cases, so the fee to file could be very little or it could be a lot.
– Where you live
– What kind of divorce you want
– How long you’ve been married
– If you have any kids
– What you want from the divorce
– Whether you hire an attorney or file on your own
There is a small fee ranging from very little to several hundred dollars in most states to file your own divorce papers. Those papers can be downloaded online or picked up in person at the local clerk of court’s office. It’s the cheapest way to file for divorce, but it’s a different fee almost everywhere you go. It seems to average around $200, however.
If you decide you want to hire an attorney to file your divorce papers, you’re going to pay significantly more for your divorce to go through. You’ll pay the filing fee on top of the fee you’ll pay to have the attorney get the paperwork in for you. You’ll pay hourly or a set fee depending on the attorney you hire, and it could potentially cost thousands of dollars.
The average rate an attorney charges for divorce cases is around $250. This is how the feel can become so high as you go through the divorce process. The more you fight with your spouse about custody, finances, and other factors associated with the divorce, the more it costs you to end your marriage. If you have the ability to amicably come up with a solution to end your marriage, you can save a lot of money.
The best way to handle a divorce affordably is to come up with paperwork ahead of time separating assets and debts as well as child custody. When both parties agree and need no help from an attorney, it becomes a much more affordable process. You’ll still pay the filing fee and any other fee associated with the divorce. However, hiring an attorney guarantees you understand the process, you understand how it works, and you aren’t going to end up not getting what you want from your divorce.