What is the official divorce date?

Posted By Max Soni, Uncategorized On October 2, 2017

Going through a divorce can be a tough situation for just about anyone. Even if your marriage was bad, you might still be a bit upset about things not working out. If your marriage was generally good but if things went wrong later on, you could be wondering if there is anything that you could have done along the way to make things better.
When you are going through this type of tough life change, getting a sense of closure can be helpful. Then, you can begin healing. For many people, this closure comes when the divorce is final. However, you could be wondering when the actual official divorce date is for your case.
Not only might you need this information for personal reasons so that you can begin the healing process, but you may also need it for other purposes. You may need to list your official divorce date on certain types of paperwork now or in the future, for example. Even though it might seem like something simple, some people have a tough time actually determining when the effective date is. This is because the timeline of a divorce can really stretch out; it might include a long separation period, and then you might deal with court-related matters for weeks, months or longer. This can leave things a little bit fuzzy in regards to when your divorce is actually official. There are actually a few different dates that you will want to keep in mind when determining when, exactly, your marriage ended.

Date of Separation

The date of separation should refer to the date that you and your spouse officially separated. This might have been the date that one or the other of you moved out of the marital home or otherwise “ended things” with the intention of getting a divorce. This date is usually listed on your separation agreement, since you and your spouse might be required to be separated for a certain length of time before you can even petition for a divorce.

Date of Filing

The date of filing for your divorce is the day that either you or your spouse turns in the paperwork for the divorce. It can take a while after this date for your divorce to be finalized, but this is often considered to be the date that you actually decided to get a divorce.

Date of Judgement

At some point, a judge will look over the divorce agreement that you and your spouse have come up with and will approve it or will choose to amend it in some manner. It is generally best for you and your spouse to work out a divorce agreement before you go to court. If things are amicable between the two of you, then you might find that you can work with a mediator for this step. However, most people find that working with a lawyer is a better course of action. The date that the judgement is signed and then filed is an important date in your divorce case, and it’s usually a sign that your divorce will be finalized soon.

Date of Finalization

After everything has been handled with your case and a judge has signed off on your divorce petition and other paperwork, then your divorce will be finalized. For all official intents and purposes, this should be considered the official date of your divorce.