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Posted By admin, On August 29, 2020

The Only Constant in Life is Change

In the 21st century, things in your life or the life of your former spouse often change substantially after divorce to the degree that one of you may wish to seek a modification of their divorce judgment. Any number of reasons can warrant changes of a judgement.  Child custody orders, for example, can require modification when one of the spouses wishes to move outside the jurisdiction or, in some cases, out of the country. Although it is uncommon, even the division of property or debt can get a modification of some type.

A highly experienced, dedicated Orange County divorce attorney can offer you comprehensive legal services to help with the modification of family law orders.

Events that Typically Trigger the Need for Modifications Post Judgment

  • Accidents that happen, after which a parent is disabled and no longer capable of caring for the children at the same standard as before
  • Job loss that brings significant decline in income
  • A move out of state which involves changes in custodial situations for the child or children
  • A substantial raise in income
  • Post-Judgment revealing of a previously undisclosed asset or debt
  • Any “change in circumstances” regarding the child support arrangement
  • Lifestyle changes that may necessitate changes in visitation schedules

A family law attorney with a good track record in judgement modifications can usher you through the procedure involved in modifications, even if he or she did not represent you on the divorce. On top of that, it may sometimes be necessary to modify a final divorce judgment by filing an appeal.

In unique circumstances, an individual may ask that the trial court modify the judgment of dissolution after it has already been entered. Rapid action is necessesary for this and you should have highly experienced attorneys who can advocate on your behalf to make certain that your rights and best interests are protected.

Orange County Post-Judgement Modifications Attorney

To learn more about Orange County Post-Judgment Modifications, get in touch with an attorney for a free consultation to discuss your concerns. Retain a lawyer specializing in family law.  If he or she is from a sound law firm, you get a team of experienced divorce lawyers, investigators,  forensic accountants,and highly skilled support staff working for your success.