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Riverside County and San Bernardino County Divorce Lawyers

Our firm has a long experience in dealing with complex divorce and family law charges and we are aware of the different laws overseeing child support. Working with our firm can enormously profit the result of your separation case. Our child support legal counselors who have adequate resources to help you are ready.

It is the court’s longing and commitment to guarantee that our state’s kids are very thought about. In making a ruling of kid support, the court will contemplate factors that could modify the result of a kid support case.

Factors considered include:

Both parent’s income.

Both parent’s capacity to make an income.

The measure of time that every child has with the parent.

Children from different relations are not included in the current case.

The objective is to guarantee that the children are equally accommodated while under the watchful eye of each parent, paying little mind to the parent’s individual income. Kid support is modifiable until the last-born child turns 18 or 19 (if not yet graduated secondary school), weds, dies, or gets liberated.

Accordingly, if there is an adjustment in your earning, the other parent’s earning or the shares held at the co-operative, either parent may appeal to the court to alter the current support demands. The parents can concede to kid support also.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers Regarding Child Support

My little girl graduates from secondary school when she is 17. Would I be able to end support when she completes secondary school?

No. the law states that kid support will be paid until the age of 18 or 19 if the kid is still in secondary school. In the event that a youngster happens to complete secondary school before 18 years of age, the guardians are as yet required to provide to that kid until the child gets the age of adulthood, except if that kid weds or gets liberated.

My child has been acknowledged to join a university. Would his father be required to keep paying kid support on the grounds that my child will at present be in school?

Guardians are normally not legitimately required to accommodate their children upon reaching adulthood.

My ex and I have twins. One of them is incapacitated and will require support for the entire life. Can end support after he turns 18?

In this kind of case, and relying upon the seriousness of the inability, it is conceivable that child support can proceed into adulthood.

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