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Posted By Aaron Denton, On August 25, 2020
6 Benefits of Signing a Prenup Agreement

Studies report that millennials sign prenuptial agreements more often than couples in other age brackets. A prenuptial agreement is made between a couple before marriage. The agreement specifies what each individual receives in a divorce. Each couple writes the prenuptial agreement according to their specific situation and needs, which California law upholds in the event of the dissolution of the marriage.

Long ago, many people viewed prenuptial agreements as signs of distrust or disloyalty, but nowadays, people recognize their importance and sign them more willingly. Prenuptial agreements simply protect couples in n an uncertain world.

Couples marry with the intent to live their lives happily together until the end of time. Good intentions can turn sour or other problems cause feelings between a couple to change in the blink of an eye. It happens often, sometimes unexpectedly, considering approximately 41 percent of marriages end in divorce. Prenuptial agreements protect each person in a marriage.

What are some of the benefits offered to couples who sign prenups before marriage?

1- Safeguard Individual Assets

With millennials signing prenups more often than other age groups, protecting individual assets is increasingly important. Individual assets include retirement accounts, investments, and real estate that, in a marriage dissolution, may be split with your spouse if requested or ordered by a judge. You worked long and hard to accumulate these investments and should protect them against a potential divorce.

2- Demonstrate Communication

Communication is important in any relationship. Communicating difficult topics puts the relationship to the test, giving couples a better idea of what to expect when they say “I do.” Communicating your wishes to sign a prenup benefits your partner since they’re aware of expectations. This conversation also builds trust within the relationship.

3- Save Time and Money

Divorce is expensive and time-consuming. Lawyers aren’t cheap, after all. Even couples who agree on every detail of the divorce find the process takes weeks or months from start to finish. Complications arise when couples disagree or when other disputes occur, which adds time and expense to an already drawn-out process. A prenup eliminates court battles and the time that it takes to fight them in court. You also save money. Everyone wins when a prenup is part of the marriage.

4- Protect Yourself Against Debt

If you marry someone with an extensive amount of debt, that debt becomes yours once the marriage license is signed. If you divorce, all of this debt could become a bigger burden on your shoulders, seeing as you are responsible to pay the debts. Prenups ensure you leave the marriage with the same debts you came with.

5- Protect Heirlooms/Precious Property

Family heirlooms should stay in the family, yet too many horror divorce stories discuss them being ripped out of the family by disgruntled spouses. It could happen to you, too, without the protection that a prenuptial agreement offers. Any loving partner understands the desire to protect the most precious items that you own, items such as irreplaceable heirlooms. Even when you find no other reason to write a prenup agreement, this one should convince you that it is the best thing to do to protect the items that you would protect without bounds.

6- Peace of Mind

Prenuptial agreements help couples live their best lives free from worry and wonder. Especially for wealthier people, prenups ensure that your partner is marrying you for all the right reasons. It is easier to sleep beside the one that you love when you know that they are not out to take you on a financial rollercoaster ride. But, this is only one way that a prenup provides peace of mind. If you are getting married, talk to your partner concerning the prenuptial agreement and the pros and cons it provides to your relationship.

A California divorce lawyer writes prenuptial agreements for couples for a small fee. The prenuptial agreement is a legally-binding document that the firm will file in your case record. The prenup is available and easily accessible if needed during a divorce proceeding. Couples that sign prebuptial agreements enjoy benefits such as those outlined above and so many more. You owe it to yourself to talk to a lawyer to learn more.