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July 20, 2020

Keeping Your Divorce Off of the Front Page

Any time a celebrity couple is getting divorced, the general public seems to want front row seats. All of a sudden, you’re in the news only because you made the decision to take your life down a different path from your spouse. Everybody wants to be in your personal life, wanting to know why things didn’t work out and who is going to “win” the divorce. These extenuating circumstances can make it difficult to keep personal and private parts of your life hidden.

Are you looking to dissolve your marriage as a celebrity or high-net worth individual? If this is you, then you’ll need to invest in a highly trained and respected divorce attorney from Riverside celebrity divorce. Your choice of legal counsel can be the key to getting the divorce process into a more manageable state. The right solicitor also deals with complicated cases of divorce, particularly marital dissolutions for high-net worth and predominantly public individuals. The purpose of your counsel will be to protect your privacy and obtain the results you seek.

Nailing Down Property Ownership Rights in a Celebrity divorce

California is a jurisdiction which has no fault in divorce. Simply put, in the State of California, you can dissolve your marriage without blaming anyone for the demise of your union. What it also means is that factors such as infidelity are not going to be involved in determining how property in the divorce is shared. Each spouse has a legal right to half of all the community property. The term “community property” refers to marital property of any kind.

There are two categories of property that you will need to take into account when you bring an end to your marriage: separate property and community property. Community property shall be any property that you and your spouse jointly own. Generally, this includes property, assets, and income that were all acquired after you were legally married by either spouse. Separate property is everything you own, and you own it alone. This usually includes property you already held individually before you got married. It could also include any assets that you, apart from your spouse, have taken legal steps to own.

Celebrities usually tend to have an incredible amount of money and real estate. Because of this, a full and detailed assessment of all properties and liabilities owned individually and jointly by both partners is of utmost importance. It is important to define the ways the property is classified (community or separate). Sharing the property in a divorce of celebrities would significantly depend on those early classifications. Because each spouse has an equal share of community property, customary disputes arise about how specific assets are categorized.

The Great Importance of Assessing the Value of Assets and Liabilities

Step one in this ilk of marriage dissolution is identifying all of the assets (and debts) that you and the other spouse own. The next step is to assign each individual asset and liability a pecuniary value. Celebrities are usually holders of complex portfolios filled with assets to which values can be difficult to assign. These could include:

  •         Residential real estate
  •         Commercial real estate
  •         Investments
  •         Product lines
  •         Royalties
  •         Intellectual property
  •         Ownership interests in businesses and/or partnerships
  •         Income from endorsements and appearances
  •         Patents
  •         Retirement plans and benefits
  •         Stock options, and more.

The best lawyer for a case like this would have valuable relationships with Riverside’s widely regarded financial experts and assessors. Your lawyer will work in tandem with these experts to make sure all of your property is adequately priced.

What is the significance of determining the worth of each piece of your property in your divorce with a celebrity? This is important as both you and your partner have the right to half of all things that will be known as community property. Any of those assets would be difficult to break between you by their definition. Also, you may not be able to part with any properties in the divorce. And you should hang on to those properties and you’ll either have to:

  •         Agree to take on equally valuable debts and liabilities in exchange, or
  •         Agree in exchange to grant your spouse possession of some other equally valuable assets.

Knowing for sure which assets are on the bargaining table, and how much each asset and liability is priced at would make this phase much more manageable.

Child Custody and Support Issues in Celebrity divorce Cases

When parents decide to part ways, they will strand their children in the middle of the break. For ordinary couples, this is just as true as it is for celebrity families. Nonetheless, most parents are not under pressure to discuss issues of child custody and child support with the media watching over. There will be a lot of responsibility to shape a child custody agreement that puts your children’s best interests at the top of the agenda. Keep in mind that your divorce can’t be finalized until all the details of legal matters involving your little ones have been worked out.

Celebrity brawls over the custody of their children can be intense. Perhaps this can be so if one or both parents frequently travel for their work. Where would life be optimal for the kids? Do they have to be subjected to frequent travel throughout their childhood, or are they better off staying in one place? How much time will be allotted for each parent to parent their children? How much does celebrities’ children need in child support payments? During a divorce case, celebrity parents would need to answer these questions and more. Custody agreements are usually structured to represent the best interests of a child. Quite often, this involves a joint custody ruling and keeping kids in frequent and consistent contact with both parents.

Your lawyer will have to figure out the custody agreement you think is the safest, and find a way to put it into effect. It’s so important to bear in mind that if you want to be involved in the lives of your children as much as possible you may need to make a few improvements to your way of life. Custody is a situation demanding giving and taking. This may allow you to take on duties that hold you closer to home or decide to travel with your child’s other parent after the divorce under some circumstances. It’s important to bear in mind that your target, regardless of your social or financial status, should always be the well-being, safety, and happiness of your child.

Keeping the Story of a Celebrity divorce Out of Public Hands

divorce is a deeply personal experience. Eventually you will find yourself in the uncomfortable position of combing through the most intimate information of your life and finding common ground with a person you are most definitely no longer on the same page with. The last thing any of you need is to be out in the spotlight with the particulars of your private life. Your lawyer will be committed to leading you with a great deal of flexibility through the divorce process. There are some methods and strategies your solicitor may use to help you work out your divorce details in private.

The Mediation Process

In situations where you and your partner are in fact good enough, mediation may be an excellent choice. The mediation process requires the help of a neutral agent, called a mediator. The mediator does not make you any choices. What they are doing is motivating you to work towards solutions.

That’s how it works: you each sit with the mediator and talk at the end of the process about what you want to end up with. Your mediator will work with you to get through the big picture problems and move towards mutually beneficial decisions, both individually and collectively.

Many of the mediating conversations are privileged. If the mediation process is a success, the mediator will then enforce a contract that represents the terms you have negotiated with each other. You are bound by the terms of the contract from the moment you sign it.

The Arbitration Process

Arbitration is simply a small, private trial before the judge. How it works is that you and your partner, along with your attorneys, resolve the case before a neutral third party, who is considered an arbitrator. Unlike in mediation, in fact, the arbitrator has the power to make definitive decisions about the future. The arbitrator will consider all of your points, analyze the facts and consider any relevant evidence. If you have finished presenting your case, the arbitrator will make final decisions on the terms of your dissolution.

The cost of divorce in California is determined by the complexity of the case. Divorces of professional athletes, celebrities and sportsmen are likely to cost more because more assets must be shared and child and spousal support, if any, must be determined.  Lawyers can give you the information you need to know what to expect.

According to the agreement, in an arbitration case the proceedings and outcomes are confidential. When the process is completed, similar to the mediation conclusion, both you and your spouse sign a private contract which binds you to its terms.

The Collaborative divorce Process

You and your partner have the ability, in collaborative divorce, to discuss the terms of your divorce outside a courtroom. Each of you must be represented by an attorney, and you will also agree to remain committed to the process of collaboration. What this means is you are not allowed to leave most of the way through the collaborative divorce to put your complaints to court. In case this cycle unravels, you will be forced to bring in new attorneys and start all over from the beginning.

During this process, you, your partner, and your lawyers must sit down and work together to find mutually agreeable consensus on the terms of the divorce. Your attorneys take the lead in negotiation by presenting evidence, making arguments and even presenting witnesses to testify when necessary. The main aim is to secretly hammer out the details of your divorce without forcing you to appear in court.

Often all collaborative divorce talks are protected.

Sealed Court Records

When you agree to resolve your divorce in private, it’s important to ask the court to seal any records that might represent your agreements or progress. Your lawyer has to work vigilantly to ensure that all the various facets of your divorce situation are shielded from public scrutiny.






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