Will I need my marriage license in order to file for divorce?

Posted By Max Soni, Uncategorized On October 4, 2017

When your marriage is over and you’re not able to stay married to your spouse any longer, divorce is the most logical step. Making the decision to end your marriage is never easy for anyone. There are many questions you’ll ask yourself as you go through the process, including how you can handle your finances, your kids, and your life following the end of your marriage. It’s a scary situation to go from being married and doing life together even if it’s unhappy to being single. When you finally make the decision to end your marriage, however, it’s time for you to file the paperwork.
Many people find themselves putting this off because they’re not sure what they need. They know they want to file, but they’re not sure how they do it and what kind of paperwork they must have on hand to do it. One of the most commonly asked questions people have is whether they need a copy of their marriage license to file for their divorce. The answer is no. You do not need a copy of your marriage license. You need only have the date of your marriage.
Filling the Paperwork
You needn’t provide a copy of your marriage license to file the paperwork for your divorce. You need nothing more than the paperwork and your photo identification when you go to the Clerk of Court’s office to pick up the papers. You’ll fill out the papers in their entirety, and you’ll submit it to the court. Once it’s submitted, you have nothing left to do but wait. The court files the paperwork, issues a notice, and they hire a process server to take the divorce paperwork to your spouse to let them know what you want.
Your spouse has a specific number of days following the delivery of this paperwork to respond. They will need to decide whether they want to agree with you about what’s in the papers or if they want to dispute what you’re asking for. You get to discuss what you want in terms of custody of the kids, financials, and everything else. You can make it easy by asking for nothing or agreeing to split it all down the middle, or you can ask for all of it.
Your spouse then has the right to agree to this or respond with the paperwork of his or her own asking for what he or she wants. This will proceed into mediation. If your spouse responds immediately, the process is a bit faster. If he or she decides they want to make things more complicated, they can wait until the very end to file their response. You can make things easy on one another or difficult, and that’s your choice.
Hire an Attorney
If you have additional questions, you can call an attorney. You aren’t required to hire a divorce lawyer. You can do this on your own, but it’s always helpful to have someone on your side when things are going through the court. The attorney you hire can help you figure out what you need, when to file, and how to respond to the demands of your spouse when they’re issues. You don’t need to go through divorce alone.