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Tips for Physically Separating from Your Spouse

July 31, 2021 Uncategorized

Tips for Physically Separating from Your Spouse

We would undoubtedly see a lot more divorces if divorce was easy. In actuality, many unhappy couples stay married because they are overwhelmed by the prospect of moving, changing all of their utility bills, changing all of their account passwords, updating their health and life insurance policies, packing boxes, deciding on pet custody, and so on.

People are so busy in today’s society that they would choose to stay in a difficult marriage simply because it is comfortable and familiar. It may seem strange, yet it happens all the time.

If you’re thinking about getting divorced, you’re probably worried about the same things that most couples are. Putting your house on the market, changing all of your passwords, changing your insurance, and so on may be terrifying to you. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by all of the boring, tedious activities. We recommend that you keep reading if you can relate. We offer practical suggestions in this post on how to make the initial physical separation from your spouse easier.

Consider changing the account passwords.

When a couple gets divorced, it’ll be vital to change account passwords so that their spouse can’t do anything to the account that could be harmful. We recommend changing all of your passwords for your emails, social media accounts, and online accounts if the divorce is imminent so that you, not your spouse, will have control over the accounts.

Even if you expect a peaceful divorce, divorce and spouses are unpredictable. It’s not a good idea to keep your internet account passwords the same. Rather, set out an evening or a few hours on the weekend to update all of your account passwords. During a divorce, spouses can be loose cannons; don’t take the chance.

Respect your spouse’s possessions.

When you decide to divorce, there’s a significant likelihood that one of you will move out, or that both of you will move out and into separate homes. In any case, you’ll have to deal with your spouse’s possessions. You’ll have to make decisions concerning your spouse’s “things” ranging from electric trimmers to supplements to artwork, hangers, baggage, and everything in between.

If you find yourself tempted to donate all of your spouse’s property, burn it in a bonfire or give it away to your relatives, please don’t. Instead, treat your spouse’s property with respect, even if it’s just their toothbrush or $30 salon shampoo. Avoid throwing anything out without their permission and instead, pack it up (or have them do it) and treat it with the same respect you’d expect him or her to treat your personal belongings with.

Create a to-do list.

You’ll be surprised at how many tasks you have to complete once you physically split from your spouse and go through the motions of being divorced. For example, you may need to change all of your utilities to your name alone, as well as your telephone plan, Amazon Prime account, and auto insurance, among other things. Stay organized and keep a running list to ensure you don’t forget any of the things you need to complete. Prioritize and do the most important tasks first each day.

Speak to your employer about your divorce.

It’s tempting not to notify your boss or manager about your divorce because you want your privacy or don’t want them to think it’ll impair your productivity, but it’s best to at least let them know. Your supervisor should be informed in case you need to meet with your attorney, a realtor (if you want to sell your house), attend mediation, meet with your spouse for negotiations, or attend court hearings.

Notify your children’s schools.

You should notify your children’s schools about the divorce, and if your children are still young, you should also inform their teachers. When your children are going through a difficult period, this can be beneficial so that their instructors are aware of any changes at home. Also, if you have a domestic violence restraining order, make a copy and give it to your children’s schools so that they don’t release your child to the parent specified in the order (also called a protective order).

To relieve stress, choose a healthy outlet.

Divorce may be the best decision you’ve ever made, but that doesn’t mean you won’t feel emotional and stressed during the process. Many people turn to food, drugs, alcohol, and smoking to cope with the stress of divorce, or they get despondent and stay in bed. While it’s natural to feel hurt after a divorce, turning to self-destructive activities to “numb the pain” isn’t healthy.

If you’re looking for a way to cope, we recommend finding healthy outlets. For example, you could join a gym, find a new exercise activity you enjoy, do yoga, start hiking every day, learn to surf, volunteer at a homeless or abused women and children shelter, revamp your diet to make it healthier, return to school, and so on. The aim is to channel all of your anger and frustration into a healthy diversion that will enrich your life while also distracting you from your divorce. It’s a far better option than torturing your body and mind by opting for an unhealthy one.

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