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Why is my divorce taking so long to move forward?

July 18, 2017 Uncategorized

When you find yourself going through a divorce, it is very common to just want the entire process to finish. It is hard to move on with your life and begin the healing process when the divorce proceedings continue to drag on. There are several reasons that a divorce may be taking longer than expected to complete. Some of these reasons include:

• Emotions. It is not unusual for one of the parties to be very emotional about the divorce. Because of this, they delay everything in an effort to remain married. This is one of the hardest problems to fix. The only way to get the process moving is to convince the former spouse to comply with the proceedings and to quit forcing delays.

Hidden Assets. Both parties are required to submit their assets for review. This is the only way to make a fair and legal division of marital property. Delays can occur when one spouse refuses to submit their assets for review or intentionally hides these assets. This can delay the process and force the divorce attorneys to seek legal recourse to force the spouse to submit the required documents.

• Missed Appointments. If one or both spouses are continually rescheduling their appointments with their attorney then the process is going to be delayed. For a prompt divorce, all meetings should be attended when originally scheduled and all information requested should be brought to the meeting.

• Disagreements Over Assets/Bills. Part of the divorce process is dividing the assets and the debts. If one party believes that they are being treated unfairly, they can delay the process. A final conclusion to this area of the marriage must be agreed upon to move forward.

• Disagreements Over Spousal Support. One spouse may be required to provide support for a period of time to the other spouse. This is based on many different factors. This can lead to large disagreements, especially if there is also child support involved.

• Disagreements Over Child Support, Custody, or Care. Issues concerning the children of the marriage often cause the most delays. Both parents can be very demanding when it comes to the best interest if their children. Additionally, stataes often have requirements that must be met by the parents to ensure that the children are cared for in their best interest. This can lead to many disagreements and require several meetings to come to a conclusion.

How To Avoid Delays In Your Divorce

Each partner in the marriage must accept the fact that their marriage is coming to an end. Once this fact has been accepted, the process can continue at a much faster pace. Prolonging the dissolution of the marriage only extends the emotional pain.
To help your divorce move faster , you may wish to consider:

• Using a divorce mediator. If the emotions run too high between you and your soon-to-be former spouse during negotiations, consider using a mediator to move the process along. Sometimes it takes a different type of setting to help both parties move through the process.

• Let your attorney speak on your behalf. In most cases, each person in a divorce speaks for themselves. If you are having a difficult time keeping civil during the negotiations processes speak to your attorney. You can tell your attorney what you wish to accomplish during that meeting and allow them to negotiate on your behalf.

• Give a little to get a little. You can’t always get your way during the negotiation process so it may be beneficial to give in a little to the other partners demands. This will also give you leverage at a later point when you really do want something and you can remind them that you gave in earlier, it is their turn to give in now.

• Trust your attorney. You have hired an attorney to represent your best interest and you should allow them to do just this. Your attorney will give you advice throughout the process that will be beneficial to your case.

Divorce is never easy, even when both parties wish to end the marriage. There are laws that must be followed and negotiations that must be made. Entering into the process with an open mind is the best possible way to get through this difficult time in your life and end up with the best results.



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